Invite beautiful birds into your landscape and garden spaces with this hanging bird feeder. Varieties of seeds can be poured into this dual bird feeder in order to attract many types of wild birds all to one place. Hang from durable ring hook from a tree or garden post in your outdoor space or close to a window to enjoy visibility of birds coming and going. No assembly required and does not require any tools to gain access to the inside for cleaning or refilling seed. Simply shorten the handle and pivot the cap to remove top and fill with bird seeds that encourage birds like finches, sparrows and cardinals to visit. Leak-proof metal roof and holes in bottom tray for drainage allowing the feed to stay fresh. Tubing is made of a durable polycarbonate material. Slick metal roof top discourages squirrels and chipmunks from thieving the food storage. Made of durable, powder coated metal, intended to withstand the weather and outdoor elements. Multi level perches allow several birds to land and enjoy seed simultaneously. Clear tubing allows a visual on the amount of seed being consumed and when to refill. Ships within protective packaging. Feeder measures approximately 15 inches tall x 4 inches in diameter. Thoughtful gift for bird lovers and watchers.

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15 inch Copper Finish Weather Resistant 1 Lb. Outdoor Hanging Bird Seed Feeder

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