Cottage Garden inspirational and sentimental products are both lovely and classic in style. Be encouraged by a message that reads, "People like you need to be told how special you are, because you do so much for others all the time. You are applauded & appreciated for all you do and who you are". Made of solid wood material; Trendy wood pallet look design with distressed, weathered Wood finish. Jewelry box measures approximately 8.5 x 6.5 x 2.25 inches; Replace artwork with 4 x 6 inch personal photo. Traditional wind-up mechanism engages music to play melodic tune Edelweiss. Insert photo in functional metal locket; Vintage turn-key lock design to secure your little treasures and keepsakes. Ships in protective packaging; Ready for giving to that special someone.

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You Are Applauded and Appreciated Wood Distressed Locket Music Box Plays Edelweiss

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